27 April 2013

Shakin' it out

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Nike Georgetown hosted a shake-out run this morning. I woke up to go but then went back and forth on if it was worth going over or not, when I could shake-out right outside my door. I'd practically decided not to go when I saw a tweet saying that Shalane Flanagan would be there. I threw on some clothes and biked the mile and a half over. I arrived a few minutes after 8, but they hadn't started yet. The store was packed with ~150 runners. They had stations to borrow GPS watches, sunglasses, and shoes. Since I had forgotten my sunglasses I tried out a pair of Nike's. They were extremely light and clear, I could barely tell that I had them on. 

Then they announced the special guests. 
Shalane Flanagan- Olympian, US record holder, and elite half/full marathoner
Joan Benoit Samuelson- Two time Boston Marathon winner ('79 & '83), won the first Women's Olympic Marathon ('84), and won the Chicago Marathon ('85). Basically a badass runner since before I was born.
Then there was a local Georgetown runner.... I don't remember her name.

They talked about race day strategies and what we should eat before and after the race.

Basically oatmeal and bananas before and beers and burgers afterwards.

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After the talk they went over the run route and we headed out. They called it a two mile loop, but it was only a mile. We just headed down to the waterfront, along the Potomac and back. When we returned we did a little stretching then they had Jamba Juice, water, and luna bars for us, since 1 mile really depletes your fuel (haha). I grabbed a Jamba Juice anyway, returned my glasses, and once again left the store without buying any of the special gear. As I was leaving there was already a line of people to get in the store after they had hit up the packet pick up that morning.

Tomorrow we RACE!

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  1. It's bad luck to buy the gear or wear the t-shirt before the race anyway.


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