26 April 2013

Nike Women Half Marathon Washington DC

Sunday I'm running my third half marathon in the Nike Women Half Marathon in DC. Nike is great at creating hype and have been releasing details as needed. Like the Tiffany's necklace we get at the finish line? We won't know till we get there. Also they have been selling a lot of DC and race related swag. Included three special pairs of shoes. People are buying it up. I've restrained myself thus far.... Although the fact that we don't see our free t-shirt till we finish may be helping.

 photo IMG_2388_zps5ca48132.jpg

Today after work I headed to the packet pick up and "expotique" with two coworkers who are also running the race. There weren't any lines and we received our bib, pace bracelet, and other goodies in no time. The Expotique was fun we received cards with codes to try and win a free pair of shoes, they had a booth to make customized signs, hair styling booth, make up booth, sports bra fitting, gait analysis, nuun drinks, and luna bars.

 photo IMG_2370_zpsdfd99ee0.jpg
Shoe wall & codes

Then we visited the WE RUN sign by the waterfront and walked up to the Nike Store in Georgetown.

 photo IMG_2373_zps02af6f90.jpg
Along the wall were the names of all the runners.

 photo IMG_2377_zpse3dd23da.jpg
can you find my name? 

 photo IMG_2382_zps24230337.jpg
do you see it now?

Inside the store was crazy. The line to check out was weaving all around the store. We just looped around, checked out the special merchandise and caught a short talk/interview with Olympian Sanya Richards-Ross.

 photo IMG_2383_zps7d981f28.jpg
Olympic gold medalist on the left

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  1. This race looks amazing! Wish I was there. I saw Sanya in a tv interview where she said she felt fat if she didn't do her 1000 sit ups and 1000 pushups a day. I don't know why but I think about that sometimes when I'm situping or pushuping.


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