20 April 2013

Day 3: Montserrat

After two days in Barcelona we decided to take the train a few hours out of the city to the Montserrat Monastery. We took the metro to a train to a rack rail train to get there, but it was all easy and relaxing rides through the Spainish countryside. 

The Monastery is on top of a beautiful mountain with great views of the valley. 

 photo IMG_0487_zpse92e3152.jpg
round rocks

 photo IMG_0492_zpsf07b0294.jpg
great view

 photo IMG_0495_zpsa74ba42b.jpg
Inside the Basilica is a famous Black Madonna. Apparently she was being carried across the mountains, but got too heavy so they stopped and left her here. They really left her down the hill side in a grotto, but more recently they carried her up to the Basilica. There was a long line to see her and touch her "orb" which apparently is still a pilgrimage destination.

 photo IMG_0502_zpsd69b127b.jpg
you can see someone with the Black Madonna in the upper middle

 photo IMG_0506_zps77f97713.jpg
the Black Madonna

 photo IMG_0510_zps4adb5369.jpg

 photo IMG_0511_zps0be0af46.jpg
more rocks and buildings
After visiting Mary we grabbed some sandwiches, water, and chocolate and hiked down to the grotto. There were statues and scenes made from stone and iron along the entire walk. The hike was only a few miles but pretty steep for a majority of the way.

 photo IMG_0515_zps368e7e82.jpg
lunch stop

 photo IMG_0525_zpsd00a06da.jpg
iron work
On the way back up we made a Spanish friend. A girl around 8 years old decided she would race us back up. Every time we rested she would stop and when I tried to pass her she started running. It was the encouragement we needed to make it back up the hill.

 photo IMG_0532_zps35988a1b.jpg

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