28 November 2011

Turkeys for the table

A few weeks before Thanksgiving my mom called and said that my aunt wanted to make turkeys for Thanksgiving and would I get the supplies because they were flying in. A week and three stores later I had all of the supplies except the candy corn and confetti sprinkles, I consulted with my mom and we decided that she would bring the candy corn and the eyes would have to do without the confetti sprinkles.

Fast forward to Saturday and my other aunt tells me the turkeys are for the Thanksgiving table and that she had been told that I was making them! I had planned on getting some of the parts ready ahead of time, but then on Tuesday it hit me... I could use almond slices in place of the candy corn. A quick trip to Whole Foods and I was in business.

Step 1: Melt semi sweet chocolate chips in a plastic bag and pipe chocolate onto fudge stripe cookies. Attach almonds in wing pattern.

Step 2: Refrigerate to harden chocolate

Step 3: Make rice crispy treats and shape in to small balls (no picture as my hands were covered in butter)

Step 4: Pipe chocolate on backside of second cookie

Step 5: Attach turkey bodies

Step 6: Refrigerate to harden chocolate

Step 7: Pipe more chocolate on to both wing cookie and body cookie and attach

Step 8: Using chocolate attach head and feet
Step 9: Using a toothpick create chocolate eyes

Step 10: Gobble and enjoy

On the table

The adult table (I didn't make the cut)

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