27 November 2011

Turkey Trotting

Soon after my sister Beth bought her ticket to visit DC over Thanksgiving we started discussing the possibility of running a 5K Turkey Trot. I looked around and found one that ran right through downtown and across the mall. Soon we also had my dad signed on and we were trotting for hunger.

Nice long sleeve T

When we arrived it was a little chilly, but not too bad, we really lucked out with a beautiful morning. The 7000 other runners also helped block the wind. 

Beth and Dad in Freedom Plaza
I felt great the entire run. It took us three minutes to cross the starting line and had to do a lot of dodging the entire race. We lined up right at the 9 minute mile sign and still passed walkers for the first half mile. We lost each other right at the start, but Beth found me at mile two and we ran a half mile together and found each other soon after the finish. My goal for the race was to crack my 29:5 something time for a 5K. I'd been working a bit on my speed, but really didn't think a 28 was going to happen. Well I PR'd! My official time was 28:56, the 638th female to finish out of 2553 and the 270th of 918 females in my age division.

Our route, I only noticed the Capitol building,
I think I was too focused on not running into people

Visiting the first family after the run

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