13 November 2011

Muppets & Julia Child

On Sunday I also stopped by the American History museum to check out the Julia Child kitchen. I've been to the museum several times but I don't think I've ever seen the display, probably because its tucked in a corner of the basement surrounded by a bunch of kid science stuff.

But first I ran into these guys:

It's not easy being green

Next I thought I'd check out my best friends the first ladies, but... 

First ladies on the move
So on to Julia Child it was. I must admit other than a few PBS episodes in my childhood I didn't know much about Julia Child till I read the book Julie/Julia. Not only did half the book take place in my old Long Island City neighborhood, but it was also pretty enjoyable. The movie provided a bit more of a look into Julia's life and I was intrigued. Not so much about her cooking, but her working for the CIA and living all over and her can do attitude.

I absorbed the exhibit reading every sign (just like my dad taught me). 
She was one crazy (in a good way) lady.

She wasn't a Martha when it came to decorating

But very well organized (and I just spied the Skippy Peanut Butter I guess we have a few things in common) 


  1. I would like to see this exhibit MOM

  2. All those random museums as a child helped you learn to appreciate the museums today.

  3. awesome post! i was able to take a tour of the costume lab and see some of the first ladies gowns that will be going into the new exhibition...super fun stuff!



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