13 November 2011

Autumn leaves and monuments

Today was a beautiful fall day in our Nation's Capital so I set out to visit the Museum of American History (more on this later) and to check out the new Martin Luther King memorial. Along the way I took lovely photos that incorporated two of my favorite things... autumn leaves and monuments.

The Washington Monument is pretty cool, I can see it from my apartment building which is also pretty cool

I think I've only visited Jefferson once, he just seems so far away

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is along the tidal basin across from the Jefferson Memorial, pretty nice spot. I heard a lot about how people were unhappy with the statue and that it didn't look like him. I must say in person I like it much more than in pictures. He doesn't look as angry in person, if that is possible. I didn't notice till I got home that his legs fad into the stone... I think it is just all around better in person, so go check it out!

"I have a dream"

I like the red leaves the best

Along the wall they had quotes from MLK. I watched the Republican debate on Foreign Policy last night and I wasn't very excited about some of the candidates responses about torture. When I read the quote below I thought of them.

From the side

From the back


  1. This is the first I've seen of the MLK Jr all the way around. Looks good to me. In the spring you will get to see all those cherry blossoms.

  2. The MLK Jr monument looks kinda like it was a sand sculpture from the front. I can't wait to see it on Wednesday.


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