13 January 2008

A Sunday Stroll

The sun was out today so I decided to take a walk and explore the Upper Upper East Side. Turns out there isn't much up there once you past 90th street but housing authority buildings. I saw two schools like this one. This one looks kinda boarded up, but I couldn't quite tell if the school was still in use or not. I just couldn't image going to elementary school in such a mammoth place.

This was just a yard area next to a building with a bunch of furniture.... Someone's living room.

I started to walk towards Central Park and saw The City Museum of New York so I decided to go inside. I really enjoyed this museum and recommend it to anyone that wants to know more about the history of New York City. There was an excellent video that showed and told the development of the city from when the island was inhabited by Native Americans to today. The video claimed that the first commuters and the first suburbanites were in NYC. Rich Wall Streeters moved out of Manhattan and onto Brooklyn very early on and took a ferry across and a buggy to work.

This is a gypsy robe. People that always perform as part of the chorus are called gypsies and whenever a new show opens the person in the cast that has been in the most shows gets this robe and wears it around for good luck. They then add a piece from their show to the robe before passing it on to the next opening Broadway show.

They had these ink sketches there that were amazing... I really fell in love with them, but now I can't remember who did them : (

I had never been to Central Park above 79th street. I now know that was a mistake. This is part of the 6 acre formal garden. It was pretty with everything almost dead, there were pictures of it in the spring/summer that were full of flowers, I can't wait to go back when it is in full bloom.

This is a lake in the most northern part of the park. Those buildings are the southern part of Harlem.

As I was heading home along the park I ran into a movie set for the film with the working title "International." Fifth Avenue was shut down and all these cars were just sitting there. Then the called "Action" and the all drove and then "Cut" and the stopped and proceeded to reverse back up the street. As I got closer they "asked" me more and more to cross the street and get out of their way so I did. But I did walk by their holding area and saw four old men actors but I couldn't tell if I knew any of them.

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  1. Nice - now you have to keep your blog going to show us the northern part of Central Park with the flowers in bloom.


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