22 January 2008


The last few days have been cold! Walking everywhere really makes you notice the weather more. Although I continue to have the problem of bundling up and then walking fast and end up burning up by the time I get to the subway and have to start taking my hat, gloves, and scarf off. Lately the rush hour sidewalk traffic has been bothering me. Remember when coming out of a building and merging into traffic you must get up to speed first and don't suddenly stop in the middle of the sidewalk without checking to see if someone is behind you. Also try to walk in a straight line and walk to your right, pass to your left.

I bought a rug the other day when I was out in Queens trying on bridesmaid dresses. When I got it home I was inspired and rearranged my living room and got an extension cord to hide my tv cords (kinda). I really like the new arrangement and now have some carpeted floor space (woohoo).

I've also been knitting a lot because it is too cold to go out (ok I might be exaggerating a little). These are the socks made from yarn I bought in Peru. I wore them earlier this week and they were warm and fantastic : ) Now I am working on the socks from the pattern and yarn Betty brought me back from her trip to Australia/New Zealand. I am one sock done.

This is one of my favorite signs you can find in the subway. It is a notification that they subway has been sprayed for rats. Often you can see a rat running around right under the sign. And the date on the sign is sometimes years ago.

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