13 January 2008


Matt, my friend from grad school was in DC for 24 hrs so I decided to join him for 19 hours. I caught a bus that stopped right out side my work building and rode it down to DC. I took 4 1/2 hours to get there and 4 hours to get back. Although I heard all kind of stories about the bus it was mostly uneventful and a pleasant experience. I got to Chinatown DC at 7pm and took the subway to old town/king street to have dinner with Matt and some of his friends. From there we headed to a bar and met up with some other friends from grad school. The next morning I called and convinced my cousin Dave to hang out with me. We went to the Building Museum where he took the fabulous pic of me that can be seen above and we saw some amazing chairs. We ate lunch at sushi go-round. You sit at a bar and sushi comes round on a conveyor belt and you just pick the ones you want, ingenious. Sarah met us there and after a trip back to their place I got back on the bus and was back in new york by dinner time. The only downside of the whole trip was this guy who got on in Baltimore. He sat by me and then proceeded to talk on his phone for the next three hours!!!!!!!!!

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