27 January 2008

Brunch & Dunst

I went to Brunch today in Chelsea with my friend Leslie who I know from Mizzou and her sister. Brunch is a big deal in New York City. So I had heard, I hadn't taken part until today (I've had brunch just hadn't brunched). Although "Brunch" implies a meal in late morning- between breakfast and lunch- in NYC the brunch often occurs after the ordinary lunch time. More of a linner or lupper if you will. Most restaurants serve a brunch on Saturday or Sunday and a lot of them have special menus with mimosas, bloodymarys and the like.

So after a very entertaining and yummy brunch. I had an omelette with avocado and beans, so good. I decided to walk through Central Park on my way home. I wondered a different way than usual and then remembered that the Alice in Wonderland statue was somewhere near where I was- so I went about finding it. I found it with out much trouble it is near 5th ave and the 70's near the little boat pond. I walked up to the statue and was going to take a picture, but these people were sitting on it and I thought, well oh well and commenced to reading the little quotes surrounding the statue on the ground. Just parts from the book when the mom of the children climbing on the statue says to the woman on the statue "do you know you look like Kirsten Dunst" and the guy makes some snide comment and then the mom says "You are Kirsten Dunst aren't you?" and Kirsten goes "yes" So I had my first random run in with a famous person today and almost didn't know it. So then I went ahead and took pictures of the statue ; ) Now the girl could of been lying but she really acted/sounded/looked like Kirsten.

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