26 January 2008


I got my first NYC haircut today. I know what your thinking... you've been there since July! Well I was a bit intimidated and I trimmed my own hair a few times, but I couldn't really keep going any longer; my hair was really looking bad so I took the dive and called up a place near me that I didn't think would be too expensive. Well I was wrong. While I am sure I could easily pay 12 times as much somewhere else in town. I was still expecting to pay less than I did, but that is what I think about almost everything in Manhattan. A good deal takes a new meaning. Well if I spread the cost over the eight months that I didn't get my hair cut it really turns out to be a good deal no matter where you are from. The guy was really good, because I went in like I almost always do and said ummmm... shorter? blunt? different? And he had an opinion unlike those ladies at Snip and Clip or Cost Cutters. So now that I have built up the anticipation, here is what my first NYC haircut looks like:


  1. Your hair looks very chic. Can we guess the cost? I guess $95.00.


  2. I agree - it looks chic. I would guess $92. Nancy, from Chicago said she always paid over $80 for her haircuts.

  3. Oh this is fun :) You're both wrong. I'll give it a few more days before announcing the actual price. Whoever gets it right will win a free tour of my neighborhood, including the salon where I got my hair done, hehe... Travel to and from tour not included.

  4. I LOVE IT!!!
    My guess is $114.
    Very nice, Court.


  5. So the cut only cost $73 plus tip. I was told that this is cheap for the city, but for a girl that is used to paying $20 or less it was a shock. But I am still loving it!


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