13 May 2014

Terrarium part two

So the first terrarium didn't go so well. It all started great, but after a few weeks went by both my chicks and hens died. They died suddenly. Like boom. The other guy lasted a few more months, but one day after feeling the dirt and determining it completely dry, I watered and boom it died too.

Jenn didn't have much better luck either. Hers all died by early this year.

Not to be discouraged we decided to try again. I think mine may of died from overwatering, even though I didn't water them that much. I also think they might of not had enough sun. Ace only had larger plants so we went up to Flowers on 14th. They had the right size, but were a bit more expensive. 

They had some ferns so I decided to try them. They lady said they love water and like covered containers. Hopefully this fern will love my jar!

 photo IMG_4215_zps278c8270.jpg

I also bought two succulents to replace the dead ones I had sitting in my winery pots for the better part of the last year. 

 photo IMG_4216_zps21d4f8ed.jpg


  1. Wish you better luck this time. It looks nice

  2. Hope you find your green thumb. I have never found mine. Betty


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