21 February 2013

pretzel bites

I went to my cousins' to watch the Super Bowl a few weeks ago. They were making snacks so I wanted to make something a little different, but would complement most things. After checking a few blogs and websites I decided I wanted to make pretzel bites. I found a recipe on Two Peas and Their Pod and decided to go for it.

First I mixed and kneaded the dough. I don't have one of those fancy mixing machines so I did it all by hand then I covered the dough to let it rise while I went for a four mile run. When I got back it was GIANT, ok not really but the yeast had done its work. 

I split the dough into countless balls and got to rolling (don't worry the fish mat has never been used for fish).

 photo IMG_0210_zps4bf61811.jpg

I used my kitchen scissors the cut the snakes into bites. Then it was time to boil them in a baking soda/water mix for 30 seconds. This step was MESSY. The baking soda steam got all over my kitchen. 

 photo IMG_0211_zpsac4ebcfc.jpg

I spread them on a pan, coated them with egg, and salted them with salt.

 photo IMG_0215_zps59ba18f2.jpg

Baked till golden brown.

 photo IMG_0228_zps9e00b980.jpg

And delicious.

 photo IMG_0230_zps9e56901c.jpg

Served with German Mustard or Queso.

 photo IMG_0224_zpse0d380bb.jpg

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