13 February 2013

Hearts for Valentine's Day

Last night I headed over to a friend's house for what she called a "love fest". Just friends gathering together for tacos, gossip, games, and brownies with ice-cream. When she asked me if I would bring a desert I immediately suggested brownies (I don't know why brownies equal love to me). I later decided they would be heart brownies, then while talking with my sister the baker we decided I should ice them. My original idea of writing conversation heart type phrases on them wasn't working (and the Bachelor was on TV) so I just drew more hearts instead. I think they turned out lovely and tasted lovely as well. I made these from scratch, following the recipe on my canister of cocoa.

First I searched through my cookie cutter collection for something appropriate, as you can tell below I had LOTS of options. 

 photo IMG_0234_zps35a6091e.jpg

I lined my pan with parchment paper so after they cooled a bit it was easy to pull out the brownies for easy handling. I cut out as many hearts as possible and ate the scraps.

 photo IMG_0243_zps47ed9284.jpg

After they were completely cool I mixed powdered sugar with water in a ziploc bag, cut out the corner and used it to pipe icing on my the brownies. Some I just outlined, others I filled in completely.

 photo IMG_0249_zps81995737.jpg

Now you still have time! Go make heart brownies for everyone you love or just some of your coworkers.

 photo IMG_0246_zps02c3f8fe.jpg

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