19 February 2013

A little of what I've been up to...

 photo IMG_1949_zpse43e3e96.jpg
walk the moon show at 9:30 club

 photo IMG_1985_zpsac0a7027.jpg
new bike racks at Dupont

 photo IMG_1979_zps2b7ccb15.jpg
crafting so I feel better about ruining a pan

 photo IMG_0237_zps5acb2ed0.jpg
chalkboard magnetic wall hanging

 photo IMG_0239_zpsb9175cce.jpg
nailed to the wall

 photo IMG_1939_zps1de5e25e.jpg
trying out a new way to cut grapefruit


  1. So is it a less messy way to cut a grapefruit?

    1. Its pretty messy. Its a kinda quick way to cut the fruit out of a grapefruit without having to eat the thick skin. Its an alternative to just scooping out the fruit, great if you are adding the fruit to a salad or something.


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