14 December 2010

M&J Trimming

Why did it take me so long? I've seen this store many times as its not that far from my office. And I was directed to go shopping here back in my shoemaking phase, but never made it. Monday after work I was in need of red thread and knew most of the garment district stores would be closed so I headed over to M&J Trimming. So much to look at! They were getting ready to close so I found some thread and checked out, but I'll have to go back and explore. The store is mostly trimmings (as the name implies) but also had great sewing odds and ends that I can't seem to find around the city.

The store
The thread

Everyone will have to wait to see what I did with the thread... at least until the post man makes some deliveries.


  1. I've read of M&J on other blogs and how great it is. Are you sewing xmas cards?

  2. kind of.... You will see soon!


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