19 December 2010

Apartment rehab

The new apartment blessed me with this awesome antique sink. Two big sinks and a neat cover for the one side, but no cabinet underneath.... nothing underneath. If there is a theme to the apartment it is "no cabinets" thankfully however there is a big pantry and a decent closet. Back to the rehab. So I need every storage space I can get and under the sink I had put cleaning supplies and my stash of potholders (hey Santa!), towels, and dishrags.

A few years ago... at least three or four... my mom gave me her old living room curtains to figure out a new use for up till now they had been living in my "craft container" (some people have rooms, I have a container). As these were already hemmed all I had to do was cut them in half and hang them up. I used this sophisticated hanging method called "duck tape" its working for now. Any suggestions on a more permanent fix?



  1. I'm thinking the duck tape works as long as it's holding. Looks good.

  2. I reconize the curtains, It looks great. MOM


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