11 December 2010

Holly Jolly Hectic Holiday

Sorry I have disappeared for a bit. But after Thanksgiving I had to move. Yes my third move in four years, sigh. Anyways I got internet back today! In between the packing and moving and unpacking I've taken some time to enjoy the season.

Last Saturday (as I was suppose to be packing) I went over to Martha's offices for their craft show. I attended last year and had a fabulous time. After a short wait inside the building my friend and I found several items to take home. This year there was a line outside the building wrapping around and all the way up the block! Since I had already rode two trains and walked to 10th Ave I got in line. The wind was blowing of the Hudson something fierce and it wasn't till 45 minutes later that I entered the building. Then I waited in a line upstairs for another 10 minutes. It might have been the long wait or my frozen toes, but I didn't find anything to buy. There were tons of amazing things just some were the same as last year and many were priced more as art than craft.

While I was waiting to get in. Those fabulous chandeliers were tinsel.
The good thing about working in Times Square is you are close to Bryant Park. For a few weeks they had the skating rink and shops up and it was still pretty warm so I enjoyed lunch while watching luckier people skate. Now its turned colder, but it is still a lovely area to stroll.

Kate Spade set up a pop up store in Bryant Park. I entered a raffle, but alas they haven't called. (side story- I told my friend that Kate is from Kansas City, MO he starts chatting up a sales lady and mentions that Kate is from KCMO she had no idea, but countered with Kate's husband's brother is David Spade... lame)
The rink, the tree, the library
This morning I took part in the Jingle Bell Jog in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. I was so nervous I was going to be cold. Luckily my new shirt and the weather pulled through. I also hadn't been running a lot lately and had never ran 4 miles straight. But I guess all my moving and going up and down and up and down stairs prepared me well as I was able to run the entire way and was a few minutes under my goal time. There were tons of people there... tons... and it was very festive. Many people had reindeer ears or santa hats and we all had jingle bells for our shoes. The ringing was pretty dramatic at the beginning of the race, but I didn't notice it later on (too focused on finishing).

Shirt and bells


  1. To bad about the Martha fair. That Kate Spade pop up is so cute. Congrats on your run.

  2. oh i wanted to do that jingle bell jog! congrats! xoxox


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