07 June 2010

Katie's wedding

On a beautiful but slightly humid day in St.Louis, my friend Katie was married to Jason in the historic Tower Grove Park.

For desert there were these lovely and yummy pies. Chocolate and cherry. The were bigger than they appear in this picture (think the circumference of a mug). Beth and I split the two so we got to test each flavor.
There were cute pinwheels all over the place. This one is a centerpiece.
Park benches with pretty flags.

They nailed a wooden box closed that contained love letters to each other and a bottle of wine. The box is to remain closed till needed or till the 10th anniversary.
So cute.
My fan/program
The Music Stand


  1. Oh! The box with love letters! What I would give for one of those.

  2. Neat! That wedding looks really homemade cute.

  3. Those fans were such a cute (and I'm guessing useful) idea!


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