14 June 2010

The competition is on!

Since the dawn of time the my family has been providing entries to the tri-county fair circuit. Lately another layer of competition has been added... each year a specific item (or two) has been chosen and everyone is required to enter in said category.

This year I was informed- Baby bibs (knowing we have a special someone on the way).

Sunday I got to work. The great thing about living in a studio, is that my one room can be converted into any type of room with the shifting of just a few accessories. In this case an iron and a sewing machine immediately transforms my room.

I might regret this later (I may be stoking the competition) but tada!

I hand dyed this fabric in high school (yes I kept it for 9+ years) and embroidered the boarder and sweet little cow. The basic shape came from the Martha Stewart website, but it was a pattern using biased tape, which I didn't have. Instead I did the ole sew right sides together, turn, and stitch the hole closed method.


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