09 June 2010

Eberhard & Adolphus

Ok, so the last stop on my whirlwind St. Louis weekend was the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. I had been once before, but Beth hadn't. I'm a sucker for behind the scene tours so I was excited to go another round.

Eberhard Anheuser a German immigrant took over a Bavarian brewery and renamed it after himself in 1860. He was joined by Adolphus Busch (his son-in-law) in 1864. Budweiser was introduced 1876 as a beer that would please the palates across all regions of the US (and now the world). While many may act too cool for Budweiser, no one can deny it's global and long lived success.

The Bevo packaging plant

Inside the plant... bottles being filled with Bud Light
Look at them go!
Bevo the fox was the spokesman of the non-alcoholic cereal drink that was introduced during Prohibition
He likes chicken with his non-alcoholic cereal drink

Remember my "World's Fair" discussion? These gorgeous chandeliers in the brewery came from one of the pavilions at the World's Fair
There was a sign pointing out that this was a photo opportunity... hence my goofy smile
The world famous Clydesdales' fancy get ups
Mickey the world famous dalmatian
and finally the world famous clydesdales!
maybe this is a better angle
At the end of the tour we got two free drinks (and some pretzels), here I am enjoying a Bud Light Lime
and Beth is enjoying a Shock Top

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  1. Nice tour - glad you were able to get a little better view of the clydsdale! Looks like you really enjoyed the free sample at the end!!!!


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