04 July 2009

Wandering on the waterfront & around my neighborhood

The abandoned castle on Roosevelt island. Named, Renwick Ruins for the architect it was originally a small pox hospital and is now New York's only landmarked ruins.
This Pepsi Cola sign has been facing Manhattan from Queens for 72 years. It was recently dismantled and relocated to this spot near my building after needing to be moved when the Pepsi plant closed in 1999.
The fabulous grassy Gantry state park.

Gantry: Used to load and unload rail car floats and barges
The two gantries remaining in the park, are the parks namesake along with a reminder of the shores past. The building in the middle is mine.
On my way to and from the subway I pass this community garden.
Yesterday it was open so I took a stroll through.
Made from old tile flooring...
There was an area in the back where I could bring things to compost.
LIC Bar- Haven't yet been but want to go soon. Wooden floors and a garden area in back.

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