12 July 2009

Camping the Delaware Water Gap

Last weekend Adrian and I headed to the New Jersey/ Pennsylvania boarder to go camping for the weekend. We stayed at Camp Taylor lot 81. Adrian is a master camper, here he is showing how they made fires in the old days.

And we have FIRE

Breakfast the first day. Apples, Cheese Quesadillas, and cheesy eggs. It was delicious.

Our tent before the rain storm.

We rented a canoe and went down the Delaware. It was a lot more paddling then I would of liked, especially when the wind was blowing against us. However there were three places with stage one rapids. One was right on the other side of this bridge. I got soaked going through two of these rapid spots... and may of screamed a little as well.

Luckily Adrian likes to paddle

and climb rock ledges

So I could kick back and relax for part of the ride.

After surviving a thunderstorm night, the sun came out and we went for a hike. There was a 500 ft. climb straight up, but then we had this marvelous view.

And big rocks to jump off of on top.
Since we were in the Poconos I had to do a little Dirty Dancing on a log.


  1. A. You know I love Dirty Dancing... that's awesome.

    B. I don't think they had firewood wrapped in saran wrap in the olden days.


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