04 July 2009

Living Room/Library/Garden/entertainment center

My window garden. The basil is doing amazingly well. I've even had some of it. The rosemary and thyme on the other hand isn't looking as good and I'm not sure how to use it, any suggestions?
My bookcase that used to be on my bed. My bed won't be surrounded by walls in my new place so I had to find a new location for the bookcase.


  1. We like rosemary in our scrambled eggs or if you make your own scalloped or french fry potatoes.

  2. Hmmm good idea. Now which one is the rosemary and which is the thyme? ;)

  3. If this pops up twice, sorry, having eenternet probs.

    Anyway - rosemary is pretty sun-loving, so if you're not getting full sun in that window it could be doing funky.

    Try putting some Chickity Doo Doo fertilizer on them - it comes in pellet form, which you can just sprinkle on top of the pots and rake in a bit. It doesn't stink, promise. http://www.chickitydoodoo.com/

    I use a lot of thyme with breaded and baked chicken breast. Hell, I use a lot of thyme in all of my chicken dishes.

    I like your windowsill :)

  4. Thanks Monica. At the old apartment they weren't getting enough sun... I could tell by them stretching their poor little stems towards the window :( Now I think they are getting enough sun, so hopefully they improve.


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