03 July 2009

A girl cooks in Queens

My new kitchen!!! I'm very excited that cooking will no longer a challenge of balancing things all over the place and that I will get more exercise having to walk all over the kitchen when before I could reach everything I needed in the kitchen from one spot. But a kitchen of this caliber is nothing without food to cook.

I was told that the supermarket across the street was like a whole foods... Its a bit fancier. While whole foods at least has a store brand, this place was all premium food with lots of organics.

A few things I picked up: edamame, cabot shredded cheese (I must admit it is better, but not worth the price tag), and marinated artichoke hearts (yummy with some whole wheat pasta).
The fancy store was fun, but expensive and didn't have some of my essential ingredients. In steps Adrian&Car. We drove to Western Beef. I was a little timid to get out of the car. The store is bright orange and has poles around the entire building to keep people from taking the carts, but once I entered my excitement grew. There were sales and deals everywhere!
The store definitely had a Mexican flare with the largest Goya selection I have ever seen. The most interesting aspect of the store was the meat/dairy section. Its in a giant freezer that you just walk in to. I was wearing flip flops and a summer dress... next time I'll pack the winter coat. The cheese and meat selection was unreal. The butcher was in there too with meat hanging behind him. I ended up getting enough meat to last me awhile, but with the grills available on my terrace I figured I needed to get burgers. Two of my selections are below. The Fruta is pureed fruit that you mix with milk, sugar, and ice for a drink/desert. I can't wait to try it.

PS... I do usually use reusable grocery bags, but at my new place I'm low on trash bags, so I'm replenishing my stash.

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  1. Your kitchen looks great, lots of room to cook stuff. I'm glad you clarified on all the grocery bags I thought maybe you kept a collection of bags from your first visit to all of New York's grocery stores.


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