05 May 2013

Day 6 & 7: Seville (the food)

Most people think of wine when they think of Spain, but Kendra and I decided to taste of few of the beers they had. A fun thing about most of the bars is they only had one beer. So you just ordered a cerveza and they brought you the one kind they had on tap. In Barcelona it was Estrella. In Granada it was Alhambra. They were both delicious. Then we get to Sevilla and while they still served Alhambra at some places, most of the bars were serving Cruzcampo.  Cruzcampo is not good.

 photo IMG_2208_zpsdeebd0b0.jpg
my first Cruzcampo, I wish it was my last
Seville had a lot of gelato places. One night we decided to get some and ended up with the fanciest ever.

 photo IMG_2218_zps837de77e.jpg
delicious too
For dinner each night we would get tapas. By our second night in Seville I thought Kendra should try her hand and ordering. She heads to the bar and does her thing. Later the waitress brings us three plates of meat and a plate of cheese. Luckily thats all I wanted to eat in Spain. In both Granada and Seville the meat and cheeses were always served with crackers. They don't look like much but were delicious. They always gave us more than we could eat and I frequently put the extras in my purse for snacking later. Kendra had more class. Also pictured below is a tinto verano aka a red wine with ice and orange or lime soda.

 photo IMG_2239_zps0e003f59.jpg
bacon, chorizo, manchango, panchetta
The morning of my birthday we only had a few hours in Seville before catching a train to Madrid. I got up and ran a few miles then we headed out to find breakfast. Up until this point we had been having pretty simple breakfasts. Usually a coffee and croissant. After the run and with a train ride during lunch time I was looking for a little bit more. 

I saw the menu on the wall said huevos y jamon (aka eggs and bacon) and thought that sounded good. Only when the waiter came over I ordered two coffees and jueves y jamon (aka Thursday and bacon), after he stared at me for a bit I realized my mistake and corrected my order. He asked if we wanted to share and by this point we had realized its best to go with the waiter's recommendations, but just in case I made sure it came with bread. 

Then the most delicious plate full came out. Sliced potatoes covered with fried eggs covered with jamon covered with olive oil with a little green pepper garnish. 

 photo IMG_2242_zpsbe629345.jpg
we were members of the clean plate club

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