30 May 2010

Long Beach

So if you hadn't noticed, I've attempted a bit of a dare I say staycation this Memorial Day weekend. From touring the navy ship, to shopping in Brooklyn, to today going for the classic Memorial Day weekend activity... the Beach. I decided to try a new location and had heard about Rockaway Beach. I did a some quick research on google maps (aha there is a train station near a beach) and mta.info (the train leaves in an hour) and threw on my suit, filled my beach bag, and headed out the door. Turns out it was a good decision. About a 45 min train ride from Woodside and then a 5 minute walk to the beach. Apparently there is a "getaway" ticket package of train ticket/beach pass, but I didn't know and I was a little flustered at the ticket lines (apparently everyone had my brilliant idea). The train was packed and we all went straight to the beach, which was handy for me (follow the crowd). Instead of the getaway package I had to purchase a $12 beach pass. The beach was clean the boardwalk was long the water was cold and the sun was hot. This is just my third beach in the New York area, but maybe my favorite for convenience and cleanliness.


  1. Sounds like you are having fun on your stacation! Hope the rest of it goes well also. How was the temperature at the beach?

  2. $12.00 for a clean beach, totally worth it!

  3. Not sure of the exact temperature, but it was perfect beach weather, hot with a cooler breeze. The water is still chilly, but I didn't go in past my knees.


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