16 March 2008


Last week my registration finally got straightened out for NY Cares. NY Cares is a volunteering organization which has relationships with tons of organizations and sets up projects. So you can do one project with on organization and the next doing something completely different. So I volunteered on Saturday to paint murals in a homeless shelter in the Bronx. The murals we painted were in the school part of the shelter. I helped on one that was the New York Public Library with a big sun. I did the big sun. This mural was on the wall of a staircase... so it was extremely awkward to paint and somehow a thing of paint fell on my shoe and all over the place. It got my jeans, shoe, sock, a few spots on the stairs.... it was a disaster. so I took my shoes off and the artist called me "shoeless Joe" for the rest of the day. After I finished the sun I moved onto a ocean scene. I mixed the perfect sand color and added low lights. Then painted some fish, seaweed, etc.. My brilliancy with the sand can be read below in an email from the team leader:

Hi, Courtney,Thank you so much for your help today! You did a great job on all that you worked on. After you left, Jeff remarked again about how great the sand looked! Thanks for so enthusiastically helping with the other mural when you finished your first one. I was missing 4 people from the team today, so I really appreciate your continuing You were an excellent team member!

After 5 hours of painting I was heading home. I stopped in a Bodega to get a diet coke and the following conversation occurred:

Cashier: $1.25 you don't live around here do you?

Me: No

Cashier: You should move here.

I continued home and saw the news alert that a crane fell on some buildings destroying them not too far from my apartment. YIKES!

Also in news this week. I have a new governor. I hadn't really paid too much attention to the old one until this week. Turns out Spitzer is a real hypocrite. Everyone seems to like Patterson, he is from a political family in Harlem and was formally in the state senate, so maybe good things are to come.


  1. Why did the cashier want you to move there?


  2. So we could hang out I guess. You know I am pretty cool in some parts.

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  4. C-wiggie is the hottest thing going in Fairfield County.


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