13 March 2008


I've been talking about wanting a chandelier for awhile, but not wanting to go buy one. I've been looking in thrift stores with no luck. Beth got me six chandelier crystals for Christmas and Kristen recently sent my some pictures of some chandeliers that looked easier to make. So a few Saturdays ago I set out to find something to create mine with. I don't know if I wasn't feeling very creative or there really was nothing at Home Depot, but I left there deflated. I googled craft stores on my phone (having not seen a Hobby Lobby, JoAnns, nor Michaels since I moved here) and found "Lee's Art Shop Inc" which was actually a large store, but I soon found out that only the entry level had supplies the other levels had furniture and lighting. I found jewlery wire and thought I could make something with it. When I got home I scouraged through my supplies and found some beads that I had left over from other projects. This is what I came up with. I haven't decided if I am going to take it apart and start over, add to it or leave it be. So please help me with my decision by voting in the poll on the side!

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  1. Hey, we think the chandelier looks great! Very creative.....take care Ellen and Kiddos


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