30 March 2008

Birthday weekend.

Friday (my birthday) I had to work : (... So goes the life of an adult I suppose. For lunch I got to go get KP (kosher pizza) with two coworkers, which was a delight. The KP was really good, I had white pizza and mushroom. After work I went with Robert for drinks at one of my favorite places around times square. It is a Scottish place and all the bartenders wear kilts. On the walk to Grand Central we passed the I in the sky photo booth. You get your photo taken in an old time photo booth and they animate the pic and then show it on the top of a 2,500 sq foot electronic sign in times square. I don't know if I will be lucky enough to see myself, but someone will. I then met my friend Matt back at my apartment and we went to dinner at a cute little Italian place not far from my apartment.

Saturday was cold and windy, but sunny so I didn't mind the wind as much. After having coffee with a few friends Matt and I hit the TKTS booth a half hour before matinee time. We got tickets fro Avenue Q and hurried over the the theater grabbing food from "Chicken Bar" on the way. I highly recommend Avenue Q but maybe don't go with your parents. Half the characters are puppets and it is kinda a racy Sesame Street. They touch on almost every taboo topic possible. It was funny with very catchy songs.

After the show we headed done 7th avenue to Macy's so I could do some quick shopping. I had seen Macy's bags everyone saying "Macy's flower show" but really didn't know what it meant. I thought it was like their spring sale event. Well it was an actual flower show. The entire arcade area where they sell makeup and perfume and purses was covered floor to ceiling with flowers and plants and flowering plants. Amazing! The scent of the flowers was wafting through the air and they were even giving flower tours. And for those of you in DC Macy's had their own Cherry Blossoms! (the pic below doesn't capture half of the experience) I bought a shirt and a jacket by Buffalo, David Bitton, one of my new favorite brands exposed to me by the ads in NYLON magazine.
After Macy's we head back uptown and to Pinkberry frozen yogurt. I got mine with kiwi, raspberry, and strawberries... so good. Then back to the apartment before going out dancing.

Sunday we go NY bagels for breakfast, with walnut and raisin cream cheese (my new fave) and headed down to the villages to walk around. Then NY pizza for lunch! Now time for napping before heading back to work again!

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