02 January 2015

2015 (BOOM)

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Meeting and dating Brian, wasn't a goal, but has been a highlight of 2014

Happy New Year!

I know its been awhile since I've blogged, but I thought with the new year I should check in. 

My goals for 2014:

Year goals
Blog more consistently (I need to keep my parents happy)- This didn't happen at all, I dropped off the blogsphere in June
See something at the Studio Theater (for real this time)- SUCCESS I saw COCK with a group of girlfriends, it was a great production that we all enjoyed.

Monthly goals
Craft/Sew something new - I did do a lot of crafting including sewing a quilt top and making a bunch of bags for Christmas gifts.
Go somewhere new- I went several new places including Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina, Bonn, Germany and Tomball, Texas
Eat somewhere new- Eating new places is not hard in DC. New lunch places include Shophouse and Cava grill. Finally ate at the Pig, and am continuing to eat new pizza with Pizza Club.

January goals
Run at least one mile a day- I think I missed one day....
Do the Nike Training Club App Get Lean Advanced Program- Completed
Organize my photos and backup them up and print some- I printed some photos, but didn't do much organizing.

I don't remember making any more monthly goals...

For 2015 I want to:

Reset my healthy eating
Run a Marathon- I'm registered for the Rock 'n Roll DC Marathon in March, the first month of training has gone ok, but now I'm encountering milage I'm unfamiliar with.
Journal- I've actively journaled for much of my life, I'd like to get back to the pen and paper way. 
Meal Plan- I've been doing a lot of last minute shopping and cooking. For some reason this stresses me out so I would like to do less of it.
Focus on Happiness


  1. So glad you're back to blogging! I hope you stick with it! Good luck training for Rock 'n' Roll!

  2. Good Goals! Sounds like all your goals are in line with the focus on happiness one.


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