11 November 2013

Run for the Parks 10K

Yesterday I ran my 4th half marathon, but before I recap that race I need to tell you about last week's Run for the Parks 10K. I signed up a little last minute. During the week I was sick and sitting on the couch I thought about how I wasn't doing enough racing and in a cold medicine induced decision I signed up.

I ran this race last year. And set a PR (it was my first 10K) on a recently rolled ankle. This year the race was a little later in the year but the weather was nicer. It was chilly, but no rain. 

Last year I met up with my friend Jayna at the race. This year we didn't chat about it ahead of time, but she thought to look on the registration sign for my name then came and found me. It was nice to have some one to chat with before and after the race.

I didn't want to push myself too much knowing I had a half marathon in a week so a few times during the race I allowed myself to slow down a bit. I think it was the right thing to do, but when my finish time was 50:55, a minute and one second slower than last year, I doubted the decision.

It was still a fun run through Potomac Park. Many races use this course (I think there was a Veterans Day 10K there yesterday), which is nice because it is pretty and I know what to expect, but kind of boring knowing what is up ahead.

I wore a new shirt for the race, which is a race day don't, but it was only 6 miles. Well the shirt really shows sweat. I need to just wear black head to toe. I also wore my leg warmers, which I have raced in before, but right off the starting line, one of them began to slip down and I raced the whole thing with one up and one down.

 photo 10656289366_58ede9852e_b_zpsb3427555.jpg
that guy in the Pabst shirt passed me soon after this pic

 photo IMG_3408_zps9c8c0216.jpg
all sweaty and approaching the finish line
The trademark of this race is a nice jacket of some sort. This year the ladies got purple NB hoodies (modeled by me below).

 photo IMG_3400_zpsbd55368a.jpg
two years in a row- Jayna, Washington Monument, and me
I rode my bike the two miles to the race and the two miles home. It was a very fall day so I took a few pictures on my way home.

 photo IMG_3397_zpsf75f8fc8.jpg
Art in the bike lane "Make us bicyclists look good" 

 photo IMG_3398_zps50cd7888.jpg
the White HOUSE

 photo IMG_3399_zps65bbc5d4.jpg
fall leaves in front of the WH

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