02 November 2013

Fall fun

The leaves are a changing here in DC. Last week I took in some beauty on the Mall.

 photo IMG_3256_zps0d32096a.jpg
rumor is the scaffolding is about to come down
Me at my favorite long run pit spot... the bathrooms/water fountain just southwest of the WWII memorial.

 photo IMG_3258_zps3c05d761.jpg

Due mostly to an arm twisting friend, I've gone to the Dupont Farmer's market a lot lately. This week the apples were out of control. I took the picture below for my Aunt Nancy, she always impresses me with knowing about 35 different varieties of apples.

 photo IMG_3314_zps7cafe5b7.jpg

They were also selling monkey balls...

 photo IMG_3313_zpsc85a3853.jpg


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