16 June 2013

Wine Country

To continue celebrating my entry into a new decade of life I flew across the country to meet up with three friends I've pretty much known my whole life (oh and a husband and another friend tagged along). Not only did we go to school K-12 together, but so did our siblings. We somehow decided on Napa Valley and San Francisco, which I was excited by because it was my first time. 

Our trip started out with a day of 5 wineries (three of which included tours) a fabulous driver and a gorgeous picnic above the vines. 

 photo IMG_1050_zps5a8e4448.jpg

 photo IMG_1052_zpsb47d4c41.jpg

 photo IMG_1060_zps2deeba24.jpg

 photo IMG_1070_zpse8e8feb0.jpg

Day two we hit up one winery on our way to Sonoma and then another in Sonoma before lunch.

 photo IMG_1079_zps2eb95864.jpg
Tiffany was a master taster
We had a fantastic lunch on the main square in Sonoma. I had a delicious grilled cheese with bacon inside.

 photo IMG_1086_zps29395058.jpg

As we drove towards the coast we stopped in Petaluma to visit the Lagunitas Brewery. Oh and buy David sunglasses, he accidentally left his NAPA hat in Napa.

Soon we hit the ocean... only we couldn't see it. The fog was thick... so we drove on to San Francisco.

 photo IMG_2655_zpsa63ea11e.jpg

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