03 November 2012


So most of you know by now that Sandy didn't do too much to DC. The strong winds didn't damage the trees or power lines much due to a huge Derecho storm that hit this summer. Most of the weak trees fell and the power companies upgraded some of the grids. My thoughts are with NYC & NJ this week as they suffered much worse.

The storm did give me a very welcome two days off of work after a long weekend trip. I was also lucky that I had a friend in town staying at the hotel across the street from my apartment. She came over for some squash soup (this time I added triple the veggies and it was perfect thickness!) that I had cooked up Monday and we watched Sex in the City while the wind howled.

The wind started sounding a little fierce so she decided to head back to the hotel. I walked her down the lobby where we were stopped by the doorman. He was locking down the building at 11 pm and was asking if we would be back by then. I wasn't leaving and his stories of 80 mph winds picking us up almost kept Liz from leaving. She braved the wind and made it back across the street safely.

Some of my Missouri friends had asked me to live tweet the storm and since I was short on content I tweeted the lockdown situation... a minute later I noticed the tweet was favorited by a Washington Post writer... a little more investigation and I found that they had reposted my tweet on their live feed. I'm famous!


  1. Retweeted by WP! Soup looks really good.

  2. Nice retweet. The soup bowl I bought on our trip to the Polish pottery place in Germany is also my favorite soup bowl.


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