05 November 2012

Halloween & Drag race

For a kind of low key last minute Halloween outing I dressed as Mary Poppins. A coworker had mentioned that he thought I would pull off a good Mary, so I just rolled with it. I bought a new umbrella, the red ribbon, and a blue pencil skirt and then just improvised the rest. I knew it was success when a few parents and kids trick or treating called me Mary.

The annual Halloween Drag Queen Race was postponed from Tuesday to Thursday, which was great, because I forgot about it on Tuesday. I headed with a friend and a group of her coworkers to watch the race, which is more of a parade. The area was packed and some of the outfits were pretty great. A guy with a big fro wig and cheataish outfit won, which was very appropriate. Its funny to watch how slowly some of the contestants "run" the three blocks.


  1. Cute costume! I skipped the Drag Race this year since I had to be up for bootcamp the next morning but I'm glad it was fun!

  2. You make agreat Mary Poppins. very cute MOM

  3. Impressive costume thrown together so quickly.

  4. Nice Mary Poppins, and great costume idea if you are going to be outside all night.


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