22 October 2011

Moving in

I moved in to my new apartment today... well kind of moved in.  I won't move the majority of my stuff for another week.  Even so I had a pretty great day.  Why you ask?

1. I woke up to coffee and pancakes waiting for me (thanks cousin Dave).  

2. I received several hugs from my snuggly first cousins once removed (thanks Nathan and Maggie).

3. I found my new church! 

Just kidding, this is the church of Scientology, I stumbled upon it while catching the bus...

4.  DC Bus, I've heard great things about the DC buses and I hoped aboard one to make a trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Target.  I didn't have to wait long and we covered the distance in record time. I've always enjoyed the bus, but the traffic in NYC was always a drawback. Today that wasn't a problem.  Only issue was a group of like 20 greek tourists (not Greeks, but like sorority/fraternity greeks) decided to ride the bus and pay in cash.

5. Target! I think it took me less than a half hour to get to Target (walking, waiting for bus, riding bus, walking).  In NYC I was spending up to an hour to get to a Target.

6. My apartment has a washer/dryer...  Not a washer and a dryer, but a washer/dryer combo machine.  I tested it out right away, not sure if I'm doing everything right, but the clothes did come out smelling clean and feeling dry.  She's Italian, I may have to come up with an Italian name for her.

7. Whole Food's fall display.  I went to Whole Foods twice today, once to grab a snack and then I went back to do some grocery shopping.  The first trip the fall display took my breath away.  When I went back, all the pumpkins were gone and the mums were picked over, but it was still fabulous.  The store was also a ton more crowded the second time, so I'll have to remember that when picking my shopping time.

8. Neighborhood architecture and history.  There are lots of cool buildings and houses in the neighborhood.  I can't wait to explore all the streets.

9. Leaves turning. There are trees in DC and a lot of trees in Maryland!  They are starting to be gorgeous and I can't get enough of them.


  1. So the real reason you took the job in DC, to get an apartment with a washer/dryer. Being close to the church maybe you'll have a run in with Tom and Katie.

  2. Yay, glad you're loving it so far!

  3. D.C. looks like heaven...or maybe it is Xenu's home planet?

  4. Must say the washer is definitely a huge plus (I also discovered I have large washers and dryers down the hall in case I need them). Can't wait till I run into suri. Beth what are you talking about?

  5. Ahhh...you moved to DC too? We'll have to meet up soon!!

  6. I'm not exactly sure but it has something to do with a level of scientology.


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