08 October 2011

LGA-DFW-DCA-Union Station-Penn Station

After a week of on boarding in Dallas I flew to Washington DC to look for a place to live.  My uncle and aunt were kind enough to let me stay with them while I looked.  First stop after I arrived?  The auto body shop.  Someone had scratched up against my Uncle's newly repaired truck.  Next stop, my cousin's marching band performance.

Getting ready to take the field

I'd point him out, but I never found him
On Saturday my aunt drove us to the district to start looking around. We looked at 5 apartments, but there was something wrong (or many things wrong) with all of them.  But I got a good feel for the area I wanted to go back and focus on.  

Sunday I did some research and went to a lovely brunch planned by one of my NYC friends who was in town visiting another friend.  It was nice to meet some new people in my new city.  And the three course meal + mimosas wasn't bad either.

Monday I headed back in on the Metro to see some more apartments. I had a few places I wanted to hit up, but also walked in several buildings that I passed by and got some recommendations from a few of the places. I liked several of the places but there was one thing wrong, like fabulous but too expensive, or fabulous good price, but in a bad location (like not near a grocery store!  I need a grocery store.).  I settled on a place that hit all my criteria but one... it's a studio instead of a one bedroom, but it is pretty big and has a nice layout.  I'll be living between Dupont circle and Logan circle... I think I'll like it.

Tuesday I hopped the Bolt bus back to Manhattan to meet up with my friend Matt who was visiting.  After dropping off my stuff we headed to times square to get some musical tickets and have dinner at John's pizza.  We saw Mary Poppins.  I personally watched Mary Poppins approximately 1 million times as a child, so when the musical tried switching things up and changing songs and adding characters and making the mom a wimpy character, well I wasn't amused.  Also I could see the wires and one of the tricks didn't work and the coat stand collapsed.  I still enjoyed the step in time number, but since the commercials said "even a jade new yorker" would be overcome with the magic of it all I was a bit disappointed.  After the show we hit up my local hipster bar for some observing.

Wednesday we got up early and went to the Lexington Avenue Candy Shop.  Its a little diner that has an old fashioned counter where they still make coke and milk shakes and lemonade the old fashion way.  I had a greek omelet and Matt had the cinnamon raisin french toast.  Both were delicious (the vanilla malt we split was even better).  We headed to Central Park for a stroll, I love the park in the fall.  None of the leaves were changing but it was just a perfect weather day.  Next up was running in to Tina Fey.  We were resting on one side of Rockefeller Center when he asks me if that is where all the shows are filmed.  I was like no, most film in studios in Queens, but they do some exteriors here.  Then we walk around the corner and there is Tina Fey shooting 30 Rock.  Got to admit I was a little excited to see her.

Can you find her?
In the purple hat...
We then stopped by Eddie Fischers... uh, eh I mean Fishs Eddy's for some dinnerware.  I didn't want to buy anything I would have to pack, but I still bought some 5 borough dish towels.  Matt purchased some awesome storage bowls and other assorted kitchen tools.  We rested in Union Square before heading to Williamsburg for a late lunch.  There is this rooftop restaurant off of Bedford Avenue that I always see and think "oh that looks so cute" and then I see the sign and it says "Indian Cuisine" and I think oh eh nevermind (not that I don't enjoy trying Indian cuisine every now and then).  So Matt points this place out and I go "oh yeah it looks really cool but its Indian... then I notice that the sign is for the place next to said cute restaurant.  Boy I felt silly.  So this super cute place is French.  At least I figured it out and got to eat there before leaving.  We sat in the rooftop garden seating and I had the most wonderful "Paris street hotdog"  it was a hotdog in a baguette with melted gruyere cheese on top accompanied by french fries and a side salad.  It really was amazing.  Matt got some chicken sandwich thing.  A short G train ride took us back to LIC and Matt headed off to the airport.

Thursday I was able to spend a lot of time sorting and packing.  I packed 7 bags of stuff to take to Goodwill, I think I will have a few more bags of clothes to drop off at the local drop box.   I have also thrown away approximately 10 bags of trash... yet I still have a ton of stuff.  After hitting a breaking point I met up with two ex coworkers for a coffee in Bryant Park.  The weather was still perfect, the kind of weather that makes you love NYC and love not being at work.  Dry and Sunny and crisp and cool.  Bryant Park has been a big part of my life in NYC being the only open space near my office.  I love that there is always some entertainment or promotion or presentation going on there, but there is still space to just sit and relax.  Around 5:30 I met up with my second guest, Shannon, at Penn Station.  We dropped her luggage off at my apartment and had dinner in LIC at Bella Via.  We had brick oven pizza and were joined by a film crew, not filming, just eating.  After dinner I took her on a walk along the East River in Gantry State Park.  Gantry State Park is another place I'll miss.  One of the best things about living in LIC is being able to see sunsets and the gorgeous NYC skyline.

From left to right, Empire State Building lit up in red, UN building shining bright, and my favorite the Chrysler Building

Queensboro bridge and the Pepsi sign

Friday Shannon and I set out early.  We stopped for coffee at my local shop, Sweetleaf, and then took the subway down to Wall Street.  The 5 train was packed so I got to share the true NYC experience with Shannon.  We got off and walked over to the stock exchange and the bull, but everything was blocked off and under tight police control (due to the protests I assume).  Then we went to Battery Park to say hello to lady liberty and then back up the the World Trade Site.  I had seen the progress on TV and from a distance, but hadn't been up close in a few years.  I'm pretty amazed by how much has been accomplished in the last two years.

One world trade

Next we walked over to the Brooklyn Bridge.  When Shannon listed everything she wanted to do in a half day I knew it wouldn't be a problem as they were all within walking distance of each other.  The first time I walked the bridge it had just snowed and was in the middle of winter.  It was beautiful (and not crowded at all).  I've returned several times now, but can't help to be amazed every time.

oh yeah

can't take a bad picture of you

smelled like they were doing some painting

such a sunny, beautiful fall day
I then took Shannon to have lunch at the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park.  We got there right at 12 and the line wasn't very long.  I got the shroom burger.. yummmm...  When I was in DC over the weekend I noticed Danny Meyer has expanded to DC and there is a Shack in Dupont Circle. So relieved I will not have to go without.  After lunch it was back to my apartment.  I rented a zip car and loaded up all my goodwill donations and Shannon and headed off to the airport.  Man NYC traffic is fun.  I got honked at by a city bus, but overall it was a success.  

I then met up with my friend Carrie for some seasonal beer and a trip to Lombardi's Pizza (notice a trend of pizza eating?).

Today I'm back to cleaning and packing and laundry and procrastinating by writing this post. Tonight I'm meeting up with friends and tomorrow playing one last game of NYC touch football.  Monday it's back to DC to start off for real at my new job!


  1. Wow! You packed a lot into your last week before DC.

  2. Have fun at your new place. That's disappointing that they changed the mom character in Mary Poppins. I'm pretty sure I learned everything I know about women's suffrage from that movie.


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