22 November 2010

Magazine trees

It has become a tradition in my family to do a craft project at holiday gatherings. After we chow down on delicious food and clean the table we pull out the supplies and make a simple craft, for example:

Christmas sock snowmen
Thanksgiving tree limb reindeer
Easter painted flower pots

I suggested that for this year for Thanksgiving we make magazine trees. I've seen these all around throughout the years, but most recently I saw them on Martha. And that is where I got the instructions for mine.

I decided to do a test run. I decided this the day after I did a great magazine purge so the only magazine I had handy was Elle. Now for those of you that don't read Elle, it is a rather thick magazine (300+ pages). So lesson learned- start with a thinner magazine if you want to finish sometime this year.

It took me a week or too of stopping and starting, but I finally finished... I wasn't the neatest and will try to be more consistent next time around. I adapted the instructions a little. On the third fold I didn't tuck and you can't tell. I don't have spray paint or glitter here either (or anywhere to spray paint) so I'm keeping this tree au naturale.

Check back after Thanksgiving... we might make a forest.


  1. These can be taken outside and spray painted a color like gold, silver or green.

  2. i see a photo op. Gretchen in a forest of magazine trees.


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