17 November 2010


It is true I like musicals and it is also true that I like the movie elf. So a friend and I went to check out the new Broadway musical "elf". I realize it is not yet Thanksgiving, but the ticket prices went way up after Thanksgiving so I allowed myself to celebrate the Christmas season a little early.

Outside the theater
The show starts in santa's workshop and the elves outfits are great fun in lots of different bright colors. Buddy quickly learns he's human and heads to NYC. The next part before intermission was full of corny NYC centric jokes and so-so song and dance.

The musical might be better for people that haven't seen the movie because I kept waiting for three signature scenes from the movie that never came. Also the songs from the movie weren't used (i.e., baby its cold outside and santa clause is coming to town) instead they have made up songs... like buddy makes them up... on the spot... However the overall storyline is the same and many lines and scenes are carried over.

At the time I was much more satisfied with the second half. Now I can't place why. I think the songs were better, bigger dance scenes, and they went back to the north pole with those great elf costumes.

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  1. what a great play reviewer you are. I would see the show only with half price tickets. Will see you soon. MOM


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