06 October 2009

Spelunking in Howe's Cavern

About a half hours drive west of Albany is Howe's Cavern. Adrian had been as a kid and we found a pretty flashy pamphlet at our breakfast joint so we decided to go. The cave was discovered some time in the late 1800's by Mr. Howe's cows. It was a hot day and instead of standing under a tree they were clustered around some rocks. When he got closer he noticed cold air coming out of the rocks. Mr. Howe spent a year exploring the cave before leading tours through, which were eight hours long and included equipment and a packed lunch. We didn't get either but it was a pretty nice tour.

The hills surrounding the cave

The wandering way

The alter stone. People get married in this cave, like 600 couples. This is the glowing heart rock where the ceremonies take place.

On the boat portion of the tour...

A whole lot of calcite

Standing next to the leaning tower of Pisa for my second time this year

Scary? Yes

It's a large stalagmite named pagoda


  1. If you're ever out in the Southwest, you should visit Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. This reminds me a lot of Carlsbad.

  2. I'm guessing the glowing heart is not a naturally formed feature.

  3. Leslie- I've always heard of Carlsbad... I should go.

    Kristen- hahahahahaaa no they told us that the heart was cut and a light was placed underneath. It was however made out of calcite from the cave. Maybe you can renew your vows there?


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