07 October 2009

21 miles on the Erie Canal

I've got a bike her name is sal, 15 miles on the Erie Canal. Adrian had never heard this famous song? How not? Obviously he didn't grow up in my family. I think he now has a general knowledge of the song, I couldn't help singing every few miles. Built along side is the Erie Canal Hike and Bike Trail. We rode a portion of the Mohawk-Hudson section that stretches from Albany to Rotterdam. We stopped for a bite to eat and rest in the town of Schenectady (I haven't figured out how to pronounce it yet). The trail goes on road and through the town for about a mile here. We ran into a farmers market so I had a look around and noticed a sign for a Art Bike festival, perfect!, we were on our bikes... uh no Art Motorcycle festival... Interesting however and plenty of leather chaps. Over all it was a nice ride with only a few big hills to detour around a government energy building and a GE campus.

Niskayana trail head, our base camp

A tugboat on the canal

Overlook and HUGE hill

Band at the ArtBike festival. I thought it was an old lady lead singer... nope a little boy

Downtown Schenectady


  1. 21 miles!!! Your endurance is impressive.

  2. The Erie Canel What a fun and pretty place. I'm still hoping to ride on the Katy Trail. Keep singing. MOM


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