10 May 2009

Moon over the N train

Last night on my way home from Astoria the sky had finally cleared up and the moon was glowing bright. The train sitting there was however, out of service. A running train showed up a few minutes later.

Friday I volunteered at PS 230 in Brooklyn, which is south of Prospect Park. It took about an hour and a half to get out there. The kids were great and it was a fun day, here is a look into the Brooklyn neighborhood.


  1. Ooooh. I like the train picture. What kind of volunteering do you do at the school? Tutoring?

  2. What did you do when you volunteered? Did you enjoy the Yankees game as much as you did the popcorn?

  3. It was just a one day volunteer day with Junior Achievement, a group that sends volunteers to schools to teach about economics, importance of school, and jobs and such. We talked about needs and wants, different jobs, maps, symbols, work, saving money so you can buy needs and wants...etc. JA gives you the lesson plans and everything you need (i.e. stickers, posters, fun books)

    Oh and the popcorn was good but it wouldn't of been anything with out the Yankees


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