17 May 2009

Central Park Social Hour

Last week I attended the Central Park Social Hour. The Dana Discovery center hosts these social hours once a month. I've been wanting to attend since I saw them doing pumpkin carving last fall, but this was the first time I made the trip up. The Dana Discovery Center is at the very top of Central Park, right off of the Harlem Meer (as seen below).When I got to the center there was lemonade, cheese, and crackers and mingling. After about a half hour we gathered and went up to a classroom where the head horticulturist of the park gave a presentation about conservation in the park. One of the new initiatives is leave no trace. So the activity was to decorate totes, that we can use to carry our trash out of the park. To decorate the totes we used broccoli. I stamped trees, while other people just used the broccoli as a brush.
The Dana discovery center, one of the visitor centers in the park. You can also borrow fishing poles here to fish in the Harlem meer.

Dusk over the meer as I was heading home

My own gardening project to compete with Kristen's. I planted basil, thyme, and sage, hopefully they will grow.


  1. Cute tote! Is this something you think is worth attending regularly?

  2. I think I will go back. June, July, and August look like they are all interpretive walks through different areas of the park, but September is exploring Jazz through film... who doesn't like jazz and film?

  3. Love the Broccoli print! How are the herbs doing?

  4. Thanks Kristen. I carried my broccoli bag today and it worked fabulously. Two of the herbs are going strong and are about an inch tall, the third has two plants just peaking through the soil. I didn't label them so I'm not sure which is which right now :)


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