04 April 2010

Prospect Park

This weekend's weather has been absolutely lovely. (I use words like lovely in the springtime) I decided to take a walk in Prospect Park. To get there I take the G train. The G train does not go into Manhattan, which creates a little bit different experience.

I got off at 15th street/Prospect park and walked up the West side of the park. It was a lovely walk except for an inordinate amount of people riding their bikes on the sidewalk (which is illegal in the city).

My destination on this fair day was the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. However when I arrived there was a line down the block... Therefore I looked at the pretty nature in the park that was free instead.

Pretty and free for me
The back of the line
Grand Army Plaza
Litchfield Villa in the park- was built in 1857, Litchfield was forced to sell his home and property to the parks commission in 1868 as the area was included in Olmsted and Vaux's plans for the park.

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