10 February 2010


The snow falling today was/is perfect for building snow people. I took a walk around Gantry State park and there were snow people everywhere. I didn't have a partner in crime to build one with, so I just enjoyed the toil and ingenuity of my neighbors.

I'm not sure what this one is, but I like the creative use of carrots
This is a big one, at least seven feet tall. The top hat didn't make him come alive.

Another big one, seven feet or so. It appears to be a snow cat or bunny. I deduct this from the cleaver use of sticks as whiskers.

I wasn't impressed by the amount of debris in this one. It might be a pirate (black eye patch?), if so I forgive the debris.

Perhaps the most creative, the lounging

You can see a little snowcreature on the top of the mound and a bigger one peaking over the mound on the right hand side.


  1. Looks like many were enjoying the snow. I like the eyes on the "cat".

  2. I love all the snowman you made! That's one thing I love about the mainland ... the snow!


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