18 August 2009

Ice Cream you scream

In my family I always get teased for my love of ice cream, especially homemade ice cream, but in a 29th floor apartment it is a bit hard to make ice cream the old fashion way with ice and salt (it can get messy). Last weekend while at Target I saw the counter top ice cream machines and thought it was time to get one (Mom had also recently bought one to fill the time in between making big batches the more elaborate way and had rave reviews). Adrian (a fellow ice cream lover) encouraged the purchase and the next day we had strawberry sorbet. To make the sorbet I simply blended strawberries and mixed with a water/sugar mixture. I was really excited for the sorbet so I don't think I froze the bowl or chilled the mixture long enough and I had to put the mixture in the freezer a bit, but eventually it turned out. It was delicious! And sweet... next time I may leave the sugar out.

A few days later (after finishing off the sorbet) I decided to try the simple vanilla ice cream recipe. This recipe just took milk, sugar, vanilla, dash of salt, and cream. I left the cream out and just used 2% milk. This time with a properly froze bowl, ice cream was forming within 15 min.

The ice cream was amazing! So close to the real thing. It barely made it through the night...
This morning I mixed together the "old fashion vanilla" recipe. It includes the stovetop and an egg, but mostly the same otherwise.

Now I just need to buy some ice cream bowls


  1. You leave the cream out? Not in this house - well, let me re phrase it - we use half cream and half half and half (enough half in this sentence?) Then fill it up with 2% ( John ) fat free ( me )....it is soooooooo good!

  2. They both look really good! I might have to jump on the bandwagon and buy one but I'm worried I might gain 10 lb.s.

  3. hooray for ice cream I made some strawberry yesterday with strawberries I froze from our patch. Nancy and Sue could not believe I could made ice cream in 30 minutes. I also used only 2% milk(That's all I had at the moment). It was delicious. MOM

  4. Your ice cream looks great! Coffee Ice Cream is one of my favorites. Basic vanilla base with 3 tbsp of instant coffee crystals (a capfull or two of bourbon really gives it a nice finish) ;-)

  5. Thanks for all the suggestions! I got whole milk to try for my next round of ice cream... I'm nervous about using cream, I may get addicted.

  6. Aren't you already addicted to ice-cream????? It all looks wonderful!


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