18 June 2008

Running 3.5 miles through Central Park in the rain with 15,000 other corporate New Yorkers.... Check

Official time 39:59 realistic time 35:00. I started with the ten minute mile group and it took forever to get to the starting line and even then I had to pass people walking, walking with umbrellas, wearing their work clothes, etc... So it took me a while before I got my grove on. So if I assume my second mile time was a more realistic time for my first mile as well, I drop about five minutes. The rain started about five minutes before the race started at 7pm and stopped right about 7:45pm. Perfect race weather... yeah right! It was nice that it was cool, but with the rain I was a bit cold, especially after I finished running. Another nice touch was the rank smell of horse manure for the final .5 miles. One of my tp coworkers also ran, but I think he finished at least ten minutes before me. It was fun to see all the other companies' t-shirts and who all were there. Google of course had one of the nicer shirts (for running) and Coach had one of the more fashionable.
Some of the 15,000 runners
The EY Team
Me soaked but mostly feeling good.

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