24 February 2008

New York Egg Cream

So I have a confession... One of my favorite channels on TV is the NYC channel, which is all these city government sponsored shows (including Radio Mayor). A few of the shows are really good because they highlight neat places in NYC. Awhile ago they went to this restaurant, The Soda Shop, at Chambers and West Broadway. It is a cute soda shop style place with a candy counter and various drinks and food. I however went to get an egg cream. The egg cream has been highlighted on the NYC channel several times. For those who have never heard of the egg cream, it doesn't have egg nor cream in it. The story states that it was invented in NYC during the depression when it was expensive and hard to get eggs and cream. The drink is milk, soda water, and chocolate and the key to the whole drink is the stiring which is the last step. You have to stir it from the bottom and very quickly to get the foamy top. It is also key to keep the foamy top white while the bottom gets chocolately (So I am told). It was pretty good, tasted a bit like a float that the ice cream had melted down. I think I might like a vanilla one better, or just the chocolate at this place tasted a bit more like cocoa than chocolate (which may be the way it is suppose to taste).


  1. I wish I was there with you to sip NY egg cream! - Becca

  2. Soda shop looks great - we might come out to NJ this coming Christmas! - Ellen & kids


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